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es it all day▓ long, without rest or pause, until ni●n

at he might die on thei▓r


e o'clock at night.Every fifteen mi●nutes or so he


calls out in a sing-song, so●uthern dialect: Oh! Giorgi


o Washington! Warden ●of this great prison! My dear wif


e●! My beautiful little children![Pg 125]● And then he

looks up at the clock an●d adds: A


bed he covers ▓his head with the bed sheets, but ever▓y hour h

e sticks his head out and like a cu▓ckoo bird in a Swiss clock he repeats his mono●tonous story. Everybody is kep▓t awake, the patients as well as the keep●ers.The first night an old keeper who was on w▓atch tried to hush him up, bu▓t without success; so he stood at ▓the head of the bed watching for the moment ▓when the man would uncover h●is head again and sing out. We waited br▓eathlessly, looking forward to the expected minu●te.Suddenly the head appeared and the ol▓d keeper swiftly hit it a stingin▓g whack with a wet towel, which cut the

▓Giorgio Washington in two; th▓e head went right back under the bed ●sheets for the rest of the ni●ght. After two weeks the man was fi▓nally sent back to the Tombs.Although he had e●aten[Pg 126] only once in that time, ●

to feed him a glass of milk by a
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. Once in a moment of lucidit▓y he asked me to get him s

told ●to eat, he weeps; whenever an●ybody speaks to him he weeps; and▓ he whines and carries on like a frightened● baby in a strange place.He has the body of a● powerful longshoreman and the mentality ●of a new born


baby. There ▓is a convict here affli

cted with [Pg 127]s●uicidal mania.Those in the hospital wh▓o are not insane have been told to watch h●im and prevent him from harming ▓himself.He is the same man who tried to drown h●imself by jumping into the river.W


●e have to keep the medicine closet lo▓cked and the bread

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●ox, and gulped a great quantit▓y before the bottle was torn f▓rom his lips.He wa

s quite sick for two days.▓Luckily the bottle only contained ▓Cascara Sagrada, a powerful cat●hartic. Another time he tried even to push t▓he razor into his throat whi

le ▓a convict barber was shaving him.And yet, e●very time the barred door is locked o●r unlocked, he seems to be i●n mortal fear that somebody is coming to▓ shoot him. The other evening ●he sat near me while I was

reading and sudden▓ly he leaned over[Pg 128] and, with quiv▓ering nostrils and in a hoarse ter●rified whisper, asked me, in Ger?/p>

駇an, if I was his friend. Certainly, ▓I answered.What can I do for you● They are going to shoot me to-n▓ight! he said.Get me the bread kni●fe so that I can cut my throat, ●or some pois

on to kill myself.

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I tried to ▓pacify him, but he was in a state of

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